Community Development, Building and Placemaking

The University City Foundation supports community development, community building, and placemaking through:

Convening & Connecting the Community

– The University City Foundation will create opportunities to convene the community through events and programs. These events and programs may be driven by the need to share information, build community relationships/trust, rally support for an idea or cause or engage participation from constituents and stakeholders. The University City Foundation will create opportunities for people, companies, and organizations to collaborate on programs, projects, or investments for the betterment of the community and place.

Promoting and Marketing the Community

– The University City Foundation will create opportunities to promote, market, and brand University City through events, programs, and investments. This may include events that invite the public to experience a place through community festivals and events and invite participation in programs that celebrate University City as a unique place.

Investing in Community Projects, Programs, and Infrastructure

– The University City Foundation will provide opportunities to invest in University City through projects, programs, assets, and infrastructure that define, build, promote, brand, and enhance University City as a place to live, work, play and learn.

Are you working with other organizations or members of the community on this project/program? If so, please share.

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